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Maintain Open Lines of Communication, In or Out of the Office

Look into hosted voice communication systems in the East Rochester & Brighton, NY areas

21st century technology has made it easier for East Rochester and Brighton, NY area businesses and customers to communicate directly and frequently. The advances in IP phone technology, accompanied by the availability of high-speed internet connections, have really made IP phone systems and/ Hosted phone systems a reality. As manufacturers gear their R&D into IP communications, now is the time to look at replacing your antiquated digital/analog phone system with an IP system from UCS.

Whether your communications needs are simple or complex, from small offices to enterprises, UCS will design the appropriate system to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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Basic differences between Hosted Voice and Premise (PBX)

Hosted Voice:

  • Hardware/Software resides in Google Datacenters
  • All voice transmission is delivered over your internet connection
  • All features of Premise PBX
  • Operating expense model
  • No more paying phone company for phone lines
  • All upgrades and phone system maintenance are included

Premise (PBX):

  • Software and Hardware are local
  • Connects to carrier phone lines, SIP trunks, PRI.
  • Capital expense model
  • Keep paying your phone bill
  • Upgrades and maintenance are billable
  • Keep paying your existing carrier or take a look at UCS options.

UCS works with the carrier's carrier to provide the most competitive monthly costs for SIP Trunking. Save thousands of dollars a year by switching over to SIP Trunking.

For a more detailed explanation on the differences between VoIP and Premise based system (PBX)


Hosted Voice diagram